What is ChatGPT Custom instructions? How to Use it?

As ChatGPT is the tool of modern times, it keeps updating with time and time. ChatGPT developers analyze customer feedback and give responses to their problems by giving new features and updates after solving that problem. One of the most recent updates of ChatGPT is the introduction of a new feature called ChatGPT Custom Instructions.

What is the ChatGPT Custom Instructions feature?

ChatGPT Custom instructions feature means adding your personal instruction in Chatgpt so that Chat GPT can use these instructions every time whenever generating a response to your query. It is a very useful and time-saving feature introduced by ChatGPT. You don’t need to tell chat gpt every time what type of response is detailed or short, advanced or basic you want for your query.

Previously you had to add, copy, and paste the preferences every time when working on ChatGPT but by using this feature you will customize the response of GPT by your instruction, and whenever GPT produces any response it will follow your customized instruction.

Like if you’re a school teacher of grade 5 and you want GPT to respond to your question according to students of grade 5 brain limits then you will just add the instruction that I am a  teacher of grade 5 and want the answer of my queries according to the class student brain capabilities. ChatGPT will provide you the response according to it.

How to use ChatGPT Custom instructions feature

You can use ChatGPT’s custom instruction feature by just following a few steps,

Login to your account

The first step is to log in to your chat GPT Plus account by giving your email and password.

Web users

For web users first, you have to click on the three dots menu button located at the bottom left of the screen. Then go to settings and look for beta features. After selecting that you can add the custom instruction to your ChatGPT account.

Ios users

For ios users first you have to click on the setting and look for new features. After selecting that you can add the custom instruction to your ChatGPT account.

Add custom instructions

Now add the custom instructions of yourself according to your own preferences and role. ChatGPT will respond according to your custom instructions.

ChatGPT Custom instructions feature limitation

Chat gpt custom instruction feature is only limited for the chat gpt plus users that are paying the subscription fees yet. This feature is introduced only for paid users yet but maybe after a few weeks this feature will also be added to the free version of chatgpt.

How to write your Custom Instructions for ChatGPT

While writing the customer instructions for Chat GPT you need to follow these instructions for the better use of this feature.

Firstly you should write about yourself and who you are? This contains your profession of you and your experience in the field and the department. For example, if you’re a professor then you will write “I’m a professor of physics and I have been teaching students for the past 5 years”. This will help a lot to Cat GPT understand you.

The second step is to reveal your preferences to chat gpt. This includes what type of response from gpt you want. Guess if you’re a teacher of 4th grade or you’re a beginner in the programming field then if you give any query to chat GPT it will give you a response of high level which will be out of your understanding. But by using this feature, if you will give the preferences first that I want to understand and basic knowledge of the subject then it will generate the response according to your preferences.

Examples of using ChatGPT Custom instructions feature

Here we will discuss some of the examples for the better understanding of ChatGPT Custom instructions feature,

Chat GPT Custom Instructions for Teachers

This feature is very useful for the teachers a s well as they have the same job all the year and the same classes. So while using chat GPT they have to always write the preferences first for the better response from GPT. But by using custom instruction features it has become very satisfying and time saving for teachers to get answers to their queries.

First as a teacher you have to explain the role of yourself and qualification and understanding level to chat GPT.

Then in the second step you will provide the prompt what type of response you want, basic or advanced, complex or simple and in which style and tune.


Chat GPT Custom Instructions for Marketers


Chat GPT Custom Instructions for content writers



How do you use custom instructions in ChatGPT?

You can use custom instructions on chat gpt by clicking on the left bottom 3 dots and then going to settings and then to beta features for unlocking this new feature of custom instructions in ChatGPT.

How do you write custom instructions in ChatGPT?

For writing custom instructions in chatgpt follow these two steps,
·         Write your bio
·         Write your preferences.

What are the new features of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has revealed a new feature of Custom instruction which means you don’t need to add instructions every time while generating a response of your query but you can add it once in the Custom instruction section and Chat GPT will follow it.

Is a custom instruction rolling out in beta July 20?

Custom instruction has been introduced to Chat GPT. But it is only available for Chat GPT plus users.


Chat gpt’s newly updated feature custom instruction is just like the notepad reminder for chat gpt which will always remind the chat gpt while generating a response to your query. You don’t need every time to give the instruction to chat GPT. This feature will really save your time but this is only available for the ChatGPT plus users.

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