6 Best GPT-4 Applications in 2024

GPT-4 is the latest language model developed in recent times. It is a natural language processor model that helps in producing fast and accurate human-like responses in texts.  GPT-4 model was introduced in 2024 and is getting a high level of success after the revolutionary success of its previous model gpt 3.5 or gpt 3. There are many applications that are adopting this model. We will discuss 6 Best GPT-4 Applications in 2024.

What is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is the latest version of gpt. GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is one of the types of large language models that produce the response of the prompts according to data stored in its artificial intelligence in human readable and understandable language.GPT-4 is known to be the best model of GPT to date with many new features added in it.

GPT-4 added features

The previous version of the gpt (gpt-3) was built on 3.5 GPT and with the 175 billion machine parameters but the latest version of its which is called as Chat GPT 4 is 500 times more powerful then it and has 100 trillion ML parameters and a very wide memory storage along with his ability to accept text, numbers and images as well.

1. Chat GPT plus

Chat GPT Plus is actually a tool of artificial intelligence (AI) that can be used to ask anything that’s in your mind and then this system will definitely respond to it. Chatgpt Plus actually can answer your queries your questions in the form of text or in the form of paragraphs and a new feature added to it is the insertion of the image now you can get your answers in the form of image too. Chatgpt plus also provides us with the codes or with the programs that are needed to make a website or the application you want.

Chat GPT plus features,

· Understand Multi-languages

· Multimodal that can understand images as well

· Computer codes

· Can build website for you

· Multi personality

2. Chat sonic

Chat sonic is also an AI chatbot created by Writesonic Company. It responds to your queries in real life and answers them using GPT-4 and google search engine. Chat sonic gives you the latest information about your query.

Chat sonic features,

·         Chat sonic gives you the information that is latest using its system that is attached both to the GPT-4 and google integration.

·         Chat sonic can understand your voice command so that you don’t have to write the command on chat sonic chatbot.

·         It can also generate high quality images using Dell E.

·         Chat sonic app makes it easy for you to enjoy all the features of chat sonic on your mobile.

3. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft is the official partner of open.ai, the company that has developed GPT-4. So Microsoft has launched their ai tool which uses the GPT-4. Microsoft Bing is using GPT-4 that allows the users to search the queries on Bing as chat gpt and it responds to you in the form of text, links and also images.

Microsoft Bing features,

·         Microsoft Bing works the same like other ai tools chat gpt or chat gpt plus but it is better in a way that Microsoft bing provides you the link of the websites in answer of your queries.

·         Moreover Bing data is not limited like chat gpt plus.

4. Name generator plus

Name generator is also an ai tool that uses GPT-4 model and this tool is very useful as it creates the name of characters, names of peoples, name of novels, and other names that you require.

Name generator plus features

·         Name generators can generate the names in every Language according to the regions of the world you live in and according to your country.

·         Name generator not only facilitates you with providing you unique names but also tells you the meaning of your name.

5. Khanmigo

Khanmigo is an AI tool chatbot that is created by one of the best educational systems, Khan Academy. Khan Academy is the one educational organization that is providing free education to all of the students and teachers in the world. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization and they have launched their chatbot named Khanmigo.  Khanmigo is added to their application but still you have to join the waitlist but the features of Khanmigo have impressed a lot of educationists.

Khanmigo features

·         Khanmigo helps students with generating new ideas. Can also teach you about programming.

·         It can solve complex math problems with ease.

·         In Khanmigo students can chat with a real personality by giving a role to it and then the Khanmigo chatbot will answer the queries in that person’s style.

6. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the largest languages learning ai tool that is helping peoples in learning different languages. Duolingo has recently launched Duolingo max which uses GPT-4.

Duolingo features

·         Duolingo has their own chatbot for helping people learn a language.

·         Duolingo provides the facility of role playing.

·         Duolingo is very impressive in understanding people as it provides detailed explanations and more examples.


What are some potential applications that are using GPT-4?

Chat gpt plus, Bing, Duolingo, My eyes and name generator plus are some of the applications using GPT-4.

What is the best AI application with GPT-4?

Chat gpt plus and Bing ai both are the best applications using gpt 4. Bing is more preferable as it is free of cost and provides you very impressive results.

Does GPT-4 have access to 2024?

Yes GPT-4 has access to 2023 if you have paid $ 1 according to open.ai plan.


GPT-4 is the latest model of gpt which is very powerful and can make things amazing for you. It is a generative pre-trained language generator that generates human-like responses. Many of the apps are using GPT-4 in their system to make it more and more useful. Some of the applications using GPt-4 and their features are discussed here.

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