How to use ChatGPT for the Midjourney Prompt? A complete guide

ChatGPT has just changed the way we learn, think, and work. It is not only the tool to just answer the queries but it is well above that. ChatGPT outputs generated can be used as the input of other ai tools for the better output from other ai tools. As all the ai tools depend upon the input we gave them and perform according to that. The better is the input better result we will find. As we all know Midjourney is an exceptional AI art-generating tool used worldwide for creating AI generated arts but Midjourney art also depends upon the prompt to enter in it. So if you want the best of the art work then you have to enter the best of the prompt. For generating the prompts of Midjourney chatGPT is the best choice. Here in this article, we will learn a complete guide of How to use ChatGPT for Midjourney Prompt?

But before deep diving into the topic we will take an overview of both the ai tools ChatGPT and ai art generator Midjourney.

Overview of ChatGPT

Chat GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is one of the types of large languages model that produces the response of the prompts according to data stored in its artificial intelligence in human readable and understandable language. Chat gpt has many amazing features which will blow your mind and by using a correct prompt and input you can get an amazing output. Here are some of the features of Chat GPT; Content writing, Generating mails, Script writing, Blog writing, creating programming codes, Solving educational queries and Poetry.

Overview of Midjourney

Midjourney is also an ai tool that is famous worldwide for generating ai art of the highest quality. It is one of the best tools for generating images of your own choice. Midjourney is so exceptional in generating art that no one comes near to it. It uses cutting-edge technology to generate great artworks that you can present to the world. Midjourney uses text prompts to generate the artwork so the artwork generated by this tool verily depends upon the template you have entered.

How to use ChatGPT for the Midjourney Prompt?

Here we will discuss the tips and tricks that how you create stunning artwork through Midjourney by the prompts generated through ChatGPT.

1. Introduce Midjourney to ChatGPT

Midjourney was released in 2022 the tool is under development and is improving day by day but still the results generated by Midjourney are just brilliant. And as we all know ChatGPT has limited information and is limited to 2021 so ChatGPT doesn’t know about Midjourney. So the first step is to introduce Midjourney to ChatGPT. You can enter the text that “Midjourney is an AI art generating tool and I want you to help me explore this tool by entering different prompts to check out the potential of this tool. So are you ready?

2. Enter examples of Midjourney prompts

After entering the information of Midjourney to ChatGPT now the next step is to tell ChatGPT about the structure of the prompts of ChatGPT. ChatGPT can learn very fast so for that purpose you just have to enter some of the example prompts of Midjourney to ChatGPT. ChatGPT will analyze the prompts and will learn how to generate the best of the prompt.

3. Choose the theme and concept

Next step is to choose the theme and the concept of the prompt that you want to generate. There are many of the themes and concepts available in Midjourney and it can generate art in all themes. For example you want an oil paginating or 3d art then clear the theme of the art to chatgpt that you want in your prompt.

4. Ask chatGPT to generate your first prompt

After choosing the theme of your prompt and clearing the theme of the art now the next step is to ask ChatGPT to generate the prompt for you. Don’t forget to refine your chatGPT generated prompt as it is very important to read and understand it by yourself first.

5. Enter prompt to Midjourney

Now after getting the generated prompt from ChatGPT the next step is to enter your Midjourney prompt to discord server of Midjourney. Just after you gave this prompt as the input to Midjourney it will create a stunning piece of art for you.

6. Do improvisation

As now the art is generated so the next step is to do improvisation and try new things. Never limit yourself to certain things and try to use new concepts by editing the generated prompt by using your own ideas. This will surely help you generate the best response.


How do you write prompts for Midjourney with ChatGPT?

Here above in this article we have explained to you the best guide that how you can generate Midjourney prompts that will unlock the real potential of this ai art tool. So by following this guide you will be able to generate masterpiece art pieces.

How do you prompt Midjourney?

You can use ChatGPT to generate the prompts for Midjourney. ChatGPT is very good at generating the best response so it can help you generate new ideas and create prompts for you.


Midjourney is one of the most exceptional ai art generating tools and it has been used widely in the field of ai art. As an ai tool its output verily depends upon the input we entered. So if you want the best response from Midjourney then you have to give it the best prompt. You can use chatgpt for generating Midjourney prompts. Here we have explained to you the best guide that how you can generate Midjourney prompts that will unlock the real potential of this ai art tool. So by following this guide you will be able to generate masterpiece art pieces.

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